Inspired by the beauty and detail of organic nature Magic Forest Event Decoration creates magical fantasy settings that can cover your entire venue with colorful fluorescent 3D artwork.

The unique atmosphere this creates is suitable for both large and small events: its multiple layers of detail allow appreciation of the whole to the smallest detail – with always something new to discover for the spectator, at every distance to the decor.

To create these settings Magic Forest Event Decoration uses a large variety of materials (lycra, artificial plants, insects, elves, fairies, mushrooms and so on), all intricately hand painted and crafted to awe but still light weight, easily transportable and easily mountable – at any type of venue.

For each venue and event Magic Forest Event Decoration creates a new organic design that may look deceivingly random but in fact highlights the features of the event and the internal patterns of the design.

Magic Forest Event Decoration has experience decorating both indoor and outdoor events , full venues, DJ booths, chill outs, main dance floors and much more.